The Hardcore Truth – An Instant Classic

SOURCE: A few weeks ago on Impact! we witnessed Christian Cage being laid out by The Main Event Mafia (MEM). The keyfabe reason given for the beat down was eerily similar to the real reason, as reported on numerous wrestling websites. The reason is Christian’s contract is up and TNA management are not sure if they will be able to resign Cage. Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling has made an offer but so has a larger, more economically stable company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

At this point many are speculating Christian will be signing and returning to the WWE. Many feel WWE’s recent signing of Tomko is foreshadowing of things to come with Christian. Also with a hurting economy, many feel the WWE would be Christian’s smartest choice. The only problem which may occur for Christian if he signs with the WWE is how he gets used. The WWE roster is filled with big names such as Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy, to name a few. Where would Christian fit in amongst the rich talent roster?

In TNA Christian would know he would have one of the main event spots in the company. If Christian decided to resign with TNA, he already has a built in “revenge” feud with The Main Event Mafia, the best thing going in TNA today. After the “revenge” feud, the possibilities are endless; possibly another title reign, fresh feuds with the young talent, or even winning the Legends Championship and becoming the cornerstone of that division. Plus another built in advantage TNA has to offer is a more relaxed schedule. While the WWE has money to offer Christian, TNA has the spotlight and an easier schedule to offer. Which one Christian chooses will be based on what Christian is currently looking for in life.

Personally, I’m hoping for the miracle return of Christian Cage to the six-sided ring. In my eyes, out of all of TNA’s major acquisitions, Christian’s meant the most. Rhino was fired. Team 3D were released. Many would argue Sting is too washed-up to still be in the ring. Although I have enjoyed his work in TNA, after Scott Steiner’s stint in the WWE, his career was as good as dead. Both Kurt Angle’s and Booker T’s acquisitions were surrounded by controversy. Christian joining TNA meant something because HE was the one who left the WWE. As Mike Tenay proudly claimed in Christian’s first TNA appearance at Genesis 2005, Christian Cage JUMPED to TNA. And the best part was Christian was in his prime.

Looking at Cage’s accomplishments in TNA, it is sad to think he would be leaving. I’m not just talking about his two NWA World Title reigns either. Christian’s experience and ability in the wrestling business helped to build the credible stars of the future. Does anyone else remember how poor AJ Styles promos use to be before Christian and AJ started working together? Sure, AJ could get do his thing in the ring but without the ability to cut a good promo, AJ would never be anything but a spotfest wrestler. By working with Christian, AJ has become respectable on the mic, with some promos even being phenomenal.

By still being in his prime, Christian has also been able to work with TNA’s “homegrown” stars without the homegrown stars having to tone down their style. The best example of this is the Christian/Joe matches of 2007. From what I have seen of Joe, nothing had ever surpassed his matches with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. I can honestly say I rank the Christian/Joe Bound for Glory 2007 match right up there with AJ/Joe (Turning Point 2005) and Daniels/Joe (Final Resolution 2006). Another great match Cage had with a younger star was the ladder match with Kaz. If TNA Creative knew how to capitalize off something correctly, that one match could have launched Kaz into a dimension of stardom he could only dream about.

If Christian was to stay with TNA he could help make more stars and be at center stage doing so. Whether you agree or disagree with me, there is one thing we can all agree on; it’s pretty good to be Christian Cage right now. Both his options have their positives; he just needs to decide what he wants more. As wrestling fans we should be happy for Christian no matter what he chooses. The man risks injuries and passes up a normal life in order to entertain us as a professional wrestler. Christian truly deserves to have his options and should do what he wants to do and we should all be happy for him no matter what. Even if Christian does go back to the WWE, at least during his time in TNA he gave us an instant classic!