TNA iMPACT! Results and Photos – October 9th 2008

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Christian Cage’s music hits and he comes out to the ring with a microphone. Cage talks about always hearing about having to choose a side between the young stars and veteran players and tells us that he will pick a side when he is ready, if he does pick a side at all. Booker T and Sharmell come out to the ring and says that he is there to reason with Cage. Booker tries to persuade him to join the veteran team as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. Styles call Booker a manipulator and a washed up has-been. Jim Cornette then interrupts the three of them and gives Booker T and AJ Styles a chance to back up their words by putting them in a match tonight. Cornette then appoints Cage as the special guest referee and says that we will see what side of the fence Cage is on tonight.

Booker T vs. AJ Styles w/ Christian Cage as the Special Referee
The match goes back and forth is the opening moments as it looks like Christian Cage is calling this match right down the middle. Booker finally hangs Styles on the rope and ends up gaining control of the match. Booker methodically picks apart Styles until he misses with an axe kick and Styles immediately comes back with the Pele kick. Styles follows with a couple of clotheslines and locks Booker in an arm bar, but Booker is too close to the ropes. Styles begins to argue with Cage about having to break the hold and Booker catches Styles off guard with a German suplex with a bridge and it appears that Styles kicked out as Cage makes the three count. Booker begins to celebrate the victory as Cage declares Styles as the winner.

Winner: AJ Styles

Booker becomes irate as Cage clotheslines him over the top rope and onto the floor. Cage then delivers a clothesline to Styles as well as Jim Cornette comes down to the ring and wants answers from Cage. Cornette then books the three of them in a three-way match to figure out their problems.