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Booker T vs. AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage
The bell rings and AJ Styles goes after Booker T right away. Christian Cage leaves the ring and AJ looks at him yelling, “Are you getting in or what?” Booker then takes advantage leveling AJ with a quick side kick. Cage teases that he is on Booker’s side, but pulls him back and takes out Booker with an inverted DDT. AJ and Cage start going back and forth and get in some pinfall attempts that each result in a two count. AJ tries to springboard himself off the ropes, but Cage pushes him off the ropes and AJ lands on his chest. Cage follows that up with a big lifting knee to the chest on AJ. Booker with a big superkick on Cage that sends Cage to the outside. AJ teases doing a springboard splash into Booker in the ring, but he stops himself and hits a huge moonsault on Cage on the outside. The referee goes to the outside to break up a brawl near the announcers table. This allows Sharmell to crack a briefcase over AJ’s head. In the ring, Booker elevates Cage up and down as Cage jumped off the corner. Cover by Booker and Cage gets a shoulder up after two. Booker with some knees to the chest on Cage and then takes the offense to the ground applying a headlock on Cage. Cage fights back with some chops, but Booker levels Cage with a huge spinning heel kick. Cover by Booker and Cage again kicks out after two. Booker mounts Cage and gets in some stiff rights. AJ is up on the ring apron trying to recover from the briefcase shot as Booker levels Cage with another clothesline. Booker with a stiff right to Cage in the corner followed by a big chest chop. Cage with a few chest chops of his own. Booker attempts a Book End, but Cage counters out and then we see a double clothesline between the two in the middle of the ring. Both are up and AJ hits a springboard flying forearm on Booker. AJ with clotheslines on each. AJ with a flying clothesline splash on Cage in the corner. Booker with a knee to AJ, AJ jumps over Booker, AJ flips over Cage, Cage takes out Booker and then AJ nails Cage with a huge dropkick.

AJ counters an Unprettier, hits a springboard inverted DDT, can’t bring it down, Cage pushes him away, AJ takes out Booker on the ring apron and then connects on a second springboard inverted DDT attempt. Booker with a double clothesline on AJ and Cage. Booker superkicks Cage to the outside and then drives some knees into the chest of AJ. Booker chops AJ a few times. Booker misses an Axe Kick and AJ locks on an armbar on Booker. Cage breaks it up, but AJ kicks Cage in the face and brings him down in a huracanrana. Booker with a Book End on AJ. Booker covers AJ and AJ kicks out after two. Booker does a spinarooni as the crowd cheers. Cage levels Booker with a huge flying forearm off the top. Cage mocks Booker and goes to do a spinarooni, but AJ leaps off his knee, takes out Booker, goes back after Cage, Cage pushes him away, AJ with a Pele Kick on Booker and Cage with a huge DDT on AJ. Cover by Cage and AJ barely kick outs after two. Cage positions AJ up on the top turnbuckle and goes up with. Booker approaches. Booker is under Cage and AJ punches Booker away. AJ plants Cage face down on the mat off the top. AJ attempts the Spiral Tap, but misses when Cage rolls away. Booker with a double Axe Kick on both Cage and AJ! Booker covers AJ and AJ just barely gets a shoulder up. Booker covers Cage and gets the same result. Booker goes up top, but Cage pushes AJ into the corner crotching Booker. Cage with a big tackle on AJ. Cage covers, Booker holds the referee back, referee gets free, counts and AJ kicks out after two. Cage catapults AJ up to Booker in the corner, Cage is up with AJ, Cage chops AJ into Booker, Cage grabs AJ and hits the Unprettier from the top! Booker with an Axe Kick off the top on Cage. Booker hooks Cage’s leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Booker T

After the match, Booker T leaves the ring and celebrates his win heading up the entrance area along with Sharmell.